A letter from the owner

Dear customers, neighbors and friends –

In March 2017, Bloomsbury Park Flowers closed its Newton Centre location. We want to thank you for embracing our little flower shop and warmly supporting us over the past four years. My intent and vision was, and always has been, to make boutique floral design more accessible by providing premium blooms at reasonable prices, to keep pace with current trends, and to provide exceptional attention to detail and personal care.

During the four years we were open, we experienced steady growth and enjoyed forming relationships with many repeat customers. Your kind words and delighted reviews over the years meant so much, and even at times when we didn’t get it right, your feedback was always taken to heart. We established ourselves as a recognizable member of the Boston floral community, and gradually evolved to fill the niche we had hoped for in the Newton flower scene. Without your support, what started as a humble yet hopeful dream would not have flourished beyond what I had originally imagined was possible.

Additionally, this dream would not have blossomed were it not for the creative and dedicated team members who worked alongside me and grew to make this experience their own. All of us here at Bloomsbury Park have sincerely loved getting to know our customers and playing a role in so many birthdays, milestones, holidays, celebrations, thank-yous, get-wells, sympathies and I-love-yous. I cannot express the wonder I have at seeing how the small pursuit of a passion grew to touch so many others.

This was a difficult decision, as I feel there are still many potential opportunities to grow and ideas to explore. The decision, however, was based on a personal choice to focus on family at this point in time. As some of you know, I have been simultaneously raising two “babies” - my beautiful son (who will soon be turning 3!) and this wonderful store. Doing both has been highly rewarding but also greatly challenging, especially now that we are considering expanding the family again, and have recently moved further afield to Sharon, Mass.

After taking some time off, I will be transitioning the business to a home-based operation in a studio/greenhouse on our property, where we will focus on residential and corporate subscriptions as well as holidays and events. We have been fortunate to grow the business during a wave of renewed appreciation for floral design and profound changes in the industry. We continue to urge all our fans to shop small and support local business.

With very sincere thanks and best wishes,


Kayla Bellin

Owner, Bloomsbury Park Flowers