An edited version of this post appeared in print in the February issue of Newton Life Magazine.

Orange calla lilies, magenta orchids and pincushion protea complement dark red roses in this Bloomsbury Park design.

Long stemmed red roses are a Valentine’s Day tradition. But what if you want to truly surprise someone with an exciting twist on the classic custom?

As we prepare for Valentine’s Day here at Bloomsbury Park Flowers in Newton Centre, we’re recommending three modern upscale trends that will transform your flowers into a one-of-a-kind statement.

  1. Go compact and modern. Long stemmed roses are timeless. But a full and compact arrangement in a low distinctive vase becomes an opulent gem. One twist on this concept is a “rose hedge” – short cut stems arrayed upright together to give you the sense of having your own tabletop rose garden.
  2. Make a romantic ensemble. Roses are certainly romantic, but including other flowers can deliver a more unique message such as passion, fondness or flirtatiousness. Orchids and calla lilies complement roses perfectly with their posh ornamentation. And, pincushion protea – an exotic bloom – explodes with energy against the stately red rose.
  3. Be bold with color. Red evokes love and desire, but other palettes can be equally romantic. All-white bouquets are clean, sophisticated and elegant, and are suggestive of purity and perfection. Dark purple is another great choice for a sumptuous and extravagant arrangement that evokes royalty and luxury.

Remember that every love is unique – so don’t be afraid to think outside the dozen roses this coming Valentine’s Day.